Saturday, January 12, 2013

Sip & Gogh: Newest Art Craze In Town

When my friends and I visited Stacy's from my previous post in Capitol Greenstreet, we roam around the vicinity after eating our dinner. We saw Sip & Gogh at the middle of the place and it caught our attention. At first, we actually thought it was an art gallery where they simply sell paintings. It's a great thing Sir Carlo of Sip & Gogh saw us outside looking through the glass windows and he invited us in and introduced us to their Paint & Sip Studio. I felt like we're little kids who were suddenly enlightened upon entering  the carnival, it's so colorful inside. When we were actually outside the studio, we were asking my more artistic friend to go and try to paint and we will just go with him inside and watch him. Never thought  that I will be the one painting as I have never tried it before, no drawing skills and really no experience at this kind of art. This is very different from facing our laptops the whole day at work and the programming/IT related stuffs we deal with every day. But it's a good thing Sir Carlo really convinced us to try it out. No artistic skills or experience is required and he guaranteed that we will be able to finish our piece. (And it was true, thank you Sir Carlo for convincing us!) 

First thing you have to do is to visit Sip & Gogh's website and check their calendar for the paintings of the day and the date you want. 

Second, reserve your spot online or by phone. It is better if you have your reservation so that you and your friends can sit side-by-side together and make sure that you have a slot when there are a lot of people registering for the same class that you wanted.

And that's what we exactly did because we are ready to have some fun. We actually selected a day with an open session and reserved 4 slots for us. In an open session, you can paint whichever you like or even bring your own choice of photo that you want to paint. Then the day of our schedule finally comes! So are you getting excited? 

This is their art gallery, upon entering the studio this is what you'll see at the right side. These are the sample of beautiful paintings where you can choose from. The girls decided to paint the cherry blossoms tree and the boys the more challenging one I think the apples it was not in the picture below but I'll show you their final piece at the bottom of this post. 

If there's bottomless iced tea in restaurants here it's bottomless paint! You can refill the paint in your palette from these bottles of paint and there's a color wheel guide above. You don't have to worry that you might lack some paint in the middle of your painting session.

This is their bar/counter which is located at the left side upon entering the door.

This is the complementary food served. Two of the upper plate was served for the girls and two of the lower plate was served for the boys. I wasn't able to touch this until the end of the painting session, that is how concentrated I am on my piece. The bell shaped pretzels and the cookies are so yummy!

My Margarita. You can choose from a selection of wine, cocktails, iced tea and juices.

Let's start, below is my empty canvas. First step is to flip it horizontally. Because what I chose was actually a landscape painting. The instructors will guide you step-by-step until you finish.

These are the paint brushes that I used. Thinner tip brushes are used for the outline and edges of your objects. 

My palette with different colors of paint.

Tada! My masterpiece! I get to sign at the bottom right of my piece. Unbelievable?! Still can't imagine that I was able to do it! :) The best part is you can take home your own painting and display it in your house or give it as a gift to someone. 

This has been a great bonding experience for me and my friends. After accomplishing this painting, I had a sense of fulfillment plus it is indeed a stress reliever. All the 3 hours, it got my focus. This is really a perfect way to relax, enjoy and bring out your creative juices. I suggest that you try it and don't ever doubt yourself that you can't do it. I would definitely want to go back to Sip & Gogh and paint those other pieces in the gallery. They also have sessions for the kids and paintings for families or couples where each of your paintings can be put together side-by side and it will form a bigger picture together.

Pictures of me & my friends enjoying our time at Sip & Gogh. Our session costs 1000php inclusive of all the materials used, food, & drink and it is worth it - great friends, great activity, great place & great instructors = perfect bonding + perfect way to start the new year with a new experience. 

Do you want to make your reservation now and experience painting the Sip & Gogh way just like us? Here are their contact details:

Sip & Gogh - Paint & Sip Studio
Location : 1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1119 Quezon City, Philippines
Contact #s : (+632) 9611248, (+632) 5332726, (+63922) 8869833
E-mail : info@sipandgogh.com
Website : Sip & Gogh
Facebook : Sip & Gogh


  1. Love it! Let's try Sip & Gogh!

  2. Love it! Let's try Sip & Gogh!

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