Monday, January 07, 2013

Stacy's: A Happy Place to Dine

My friends and I decided to go out on a weekend and one of my friend suggested to try out Stacy's Restaurant instead of the usual going out to the mall. We found this perfect restaurant to dine while we were catching up with each others' stories. The place is colorful with a genuine & friendly ambiance. I really love the combination of the light candy & pastel colors that gives a happy and lively vibes. It is also perfect for family dine-out and couple dates. 

They also have the kids' play area to keep the kids busy and for them to enjoy playing during their stay at Stacy's. 

Selections of their menu are divided into All Day Breakfast Hooray, Loving Spoonfulls, Everyday Soups & Greens, After Brunch Stacy's special, Loving Spaghetti(pasta) & desserts. Their beverages are colorfully listed in the board by the counter.

Upon seated, they will serve you a cup of free butter popcorn with lovely pink pretzels and light blue marshmallows to entice your appetite more. Isn't that wonderful? Kids will surely love this treat! 

We ordered three different dishes but we decided to split each dish into three equal parts for sharing so we can taste it all which I think is a very god decision because they are all delicious. They serve their rice in their special heart-shaped way. It's so cute!

These are slices of beef sirloin served with brown butter gravy and topped with sauteed mushrooms. It comes with sliced carrots and corn.
 Martha's Pot Roast - 285 php 

This Pinoy Tapsilog version is definitely one of their best-sellers. The beef slices which were served with egg and tomato are so flavorful and not dry. I hate it when the beef is served so dry that you don't even want to swallow it. 
 Stacy Jones - 195 php

This is a pan-fried soft dory marinated in herbs which comes with sliced carrots & corn and their special aioli dip.
 Herbed Cream Dory Fillet with Aioli Dip - 175 php

We tried their milkshakes and they are all awesome! I actually want them all. 
 Milkshake Factory (Vanilla Candy, Triple Choco, Pink Strawberry) - 98 php each

It is also a perfect place to hold baptismal and birthday parties. When we arrived, there is actually an on-going kiddie party so we still had to wait for a couple of hours before we were seated inside. It's a good thing the sunset view from that place was great and my friends & I had a lot of stories to tell and we enjoyed each others' company so much that we didn't take much note of the time that passed by. I suggest that it is better to call first before you visit to make sure that you will be accommodated at once. It has been such a pleasure dining here so if you're looking for a wonderful hang-out place, you may bring your family or friends here and just have a good time dining just like what my friends(Den, Kring) & I had.   

Location: Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center
               1 Capitol Hills Drive, 1101 Quezon City  
Contact #s: 9526843, 09478916975, 09334427661
Facebook: Stacy's

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