Monday, November 07, 2011

AKG K311 Earphones

Yesterday, I got the prize I won from Unbox(www.unboxph) and AKG Philippines (www.facebook.com/AKGPhilippines) which I won when I joined their online giveaway last month. The prizes are 2 sets of AKG K311 Earphones!!! 
This was my winning entry: Great prize! I want to share this with my sister Elaine Chua as token for being an awesome sister! =) More power to Unbox and AKG Philippines!

Upon grasping it with my own two hands, I was really excited to open it. Its package is an elegant black box. To see what's inside, you can flip the covers which were held together by magnets. So I opened it at once and my boyfriend plugged it to his iphone and played a song. We listened using this earphones and I was able to hear top-notch sound quality. I really felt its superiority to the ordinary earphones that regularly comes with the package of my gadgets. The bass was also very clear & remarkable. As written in a part of the box it has increased bass response. It also comes with foams for the earbuds to ensure comfort.

The colors of this deep-isolating in-ear earphones are also cool, I had the colors lime and milk. I can't even decide which piece I am going to use and which piece I will give to my sister. There are 3 colors available in the market for this piece, it also comes in plum. 
Our friend, who also owns this kind of earphones, told us that you can buy this for just php799. I was really amazed because it is very affordable for a good earphones. If I am to name the price of this earphones, I will definitely give a price higher than php799.

Of course, I know there are a lot of other earphones in the market which are more expensive and more high-end but this will definitely stand out and will be a great companion for music-lovers. Because above all, it has great quality and is very stylish & affordable!
*** Special thanks to Unbox and AKG Philippines for this wonderful earphones.***

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