Thursday, November 17, 2011

Racks Sweet n' Smoky Ribs

After watching a movie in SM MOA, my boyfriend and I decided to eat dinner at Racks. The restaurant was on full house that night so we have to be on the waiting list for just a few minutes. It's not hard to find a table for us since we are only 2. Upon sitting on our table, the waitress immediately gave us a menu and offered us another table at the corner that is not in use to put our groceries so there will be enough space for us on our table. Well, it just happened we're sitted near the corner that the extra table can't be occupied already, so she offered it to us. It's great because their staff is very accommodating and she is mindful of the comfort of her customers. (two thumbs up!)  Then, she immediately enticed us with Racks' new menu. It's Sweet n' Smoky Ribs! At first, we were thinking if we should just choose our old time favorite or try out this new one. But after thinking it through and with the picture in the menu that is really tempting, we decided to order the new Racks Sweet n' Smoky Ribs.

And dinner is served...

My Sweet n' Smoky Ribs. It looks yummy right? Yes it is sweet and smoky!!! A tender and meaty pork lavished with alluring and savory sauce. You can pair it with their in-house barbecue sauce. The good part is it also comes with 2 side dishes of your choice!:) Fortunately, they allowed us to have rice in lieu to one of the side dishes. So, I ordered rice and coleslaw for my side dish. It's a good thing that we decided to try this one! No regrets and it is now our new favorite at Racks! You can also try it out in a branch near you!:)

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